Medically induced male enhancement via drugs or supplements can be a dangerous game. The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, monitors the safety and effectiveness of all food and drug products. Supplements are not classified under either of these categories, and thus they may contain unknown ingredients. It is important to know what is entering your body.

Known dangerous or risky ingredients

First on the list is a powerful aphrodisiac called Yohimbine. This is a bark extract that is most often found in “all-natural” supplements and is known to have side effects such as panic attacks, insomnia, dizziness and sometimes even hallucinations. Needless to say this can be dangerous, especially for those with preexisting health problems.
Next up is Panax Ginseng, sometimes just simply known as ginseng. Though some claim it can cure erectile dysfunction, the Federal Trade Commission has noted that there are currently no known supplements that have been proven to do this. This ingredient can cause insomnia, chest pain, unnatural rising or falling of blood pressure, and even sometimes mania.

Androstenedione is third on the list and has actually been banned in the United States by the FDA. It was found to have similar properties to steroids, which is one of the cases where the FDA can interfere with supplements. This one is particularly dangerous, with side effects such as male breast tissue growth, testicular atrophy, and severe mood swings – commonly referred to as “roid rage”.

Finally, the herb known as Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa is actually a severely toxic, life threatening and medically useless substance.

Known safe and successful ingredients

There are multiple natural ingredients in male supplement products and normal, everyday food products that have scientifically proven benefits for male enhancement.

Flaxseed is one of the most popular foods for enhancement. It is known to improve blood flow to the penis, increase fertility, and in general provide more energy. Often times this fatty acid is shown to outperform supplements.

A former champion of heart health, Pomegranate has been discovered to provide similar benefits to flaxseed. It increases blood flow which leads to stronger and longer lasting erections. It is also known to curb symptoms related to erectile dysfunction.

Unlike the previous two ingredients, Maca is not specifically known as a common food. It is a root that can be ingested to bolster sperm count and strengthen erections. It is often used in many supplements found on the market, and is most beneficial when used in conjunction with other safe ingredients.

Finally, another safe substance found in a variety of male enhancement supplements is Mujra Puama. It is an herb commonly consumed for its benefits to blood circulation in the pelvic region of the body. Aside from strengthening erections, it also provides increased sexual stamina without any (currently identified) side effects.

There are many dangerous products on the market today. This list is extremely partial and only covers some of the most common ingredients found in male enhancement supplements. Always ask an expert whether or not the ingredients in a product are safe before using it. As the FDA does not regulate most supplements, it may be wise to consult a doctor even if all of the ingredients on the label are familiar – it may contain something that was “accidentally” left off the label.